A Prayer for your mind

As I’m sure you know, there is a huge battle for our minds.

The enemy seeks to lock us into negativity, and fill our minds with wrong or sinful thoughts. Our flesh constantly rages against God in our minds — if we let it.

As born again Christians, we are new creations — but our minds still need to be renewed day by day.

I’ve been praying a prayer over my mind and the minds of my family members this week, and I wanted to share it with you.

I encourage you to speak these declarations over yourself today:

Jesus, I thank You that I have a sound mind. I pray for a mind filled with life and peace.

I rebuke confusion, I rebuke Alzheimer’s, I rebuke bipolar, I rebuke schizophrenia, I rebuke mental illness of any kind, I rebuke confusion, I rebuke disease of any kind, I rebuke forgetfulness, I rebuke absent-mindedness, I rebuke small-mindedness, and I rebuke low-thinking.

I take a stand against anxiety, worry, and stress in my mind. I take a stand against every unclean and unprofitable thought that comes from the flesh. I take authority over every attack from the enemy in my mind. I take authority over every work of darkness and evil temptation in my mind, and I cast it down. I cast down every carnal thought of lust, greed, covetousness, and worldliness.

I bind every flaming dart of the evil one against my mind. I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind. Jesus, I thank You that I have a sound mind because of the work of the cross. I have the mind of Christ.

Help me meditate upon the word of God because it fills and renews my mind. Jesus, help me meditate on things that are pure, noble, true, righteous, praiseworthy, eternal, and heavenly. I speak strength and health to my physical brain. Fill my mind with God-thoughts every waking moment of the day, and fill my sleep with God-dreams. Fill my mind with light and revelation in Jesus name.


Is Jesus far away?

.sheep pic

Psalm 23.

It’s probably one of the most common psalms in the whole Bible. Almost everyone knows “the Lord is my shepherd”.

I memorized Psalm 23 as a kid, but most of my life I viewed God as a distant shepherd. I pictured God sitting up in the clouds somewhere, smiling down on me, blessing me — but not actually with me.

Psalm 23:4 says that even in the valley of the shadow of death, He is with me. He is walking through every trial wth me, hand in hand. He is personally leading me through every difficulty. He is aware and deeply involved in each season of my life.

Be encouraged today and remember that Jesus is close. He’s the Good Shepherd (John 10), and He’ll never leave you nor forsake you.

Here’s a rap I wrote based on Psalm 23. Enjoy!


You are my Shepherd, throughout every season

Even through the times I turned my back on You, treason

My heart was frozen, freezin’, but You thawed it

My righteousness, You bought it by Your sacrifice, Your mercy gave me life/


Your kindness is upon me, it follows & overshadows me

You’ve weighed me on Your merciful scales & balances

All throughout my challenges

Disgraces & the times that I stumbled

Your grace is with me, I’m humbled/


You view me through the lenses of love, rose-colored glasses

When I’m with my shepherd, I’ve found that the grass is

Greener, still waters are cleaner, Your righteousness is mine

Your mercy’s what I find, found, when I was blind, bound/


Walking in the darkness, You opened up my eyesight

The Lord is my lamp, salvation, He is my light

The Lord is my shepherd, every breathe, every step

The sheep hear His voice, He speaks, every choice

He leads me by the still brook

Keeps me on that narrow path, with a shepherd’s hook/


You laid down Your life, there’s scars on Your wrists

I was fatherless, my heart was like a stone, numb

But then You called me Your own son

I was afraid, I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted

But now I’m at Your right hand, forever not rejected/


Leaning on those everlasting arms, they embrace me

My heart tends to stray, but Your mercies always chase me

Back to the path, there’s so much You can teach me

Your shepherd’s staff is long enough to reach me

You’ll keep me, You’ve got me, Your love is agape

My shepherd is for me, tell me who could ever stop me?/

How to Combat Anxiety

I recently wrote this rap during a set at IHOPKC. It’s based on Philippians 4:6-7. According to these verse, thankfulness and prayer are keys to experiencing the peace of God. Would love to hear your feedback on this verse. Be blessed!

Don’t be anxious, don’t stress, don’t fret, you will get
Peace, the kind that surpasses understanding/
Guarding your hearts & your minds in Christ Jesus
He sees us, making our requests known frees us/

From the burdens, from the weights, give Him all your cares
Abide in the Vine with thanksgiving, daily say your prayers/
Cease from striving, release the negativity
Emotions fly up and down, I need some tranquility/

When I’m like a ship tossed to & fro, battered by the fray
I go to Your presence and pray, I stay abiding in Your shadow/
My flesh & my spirit battle, my life gets rattled
By many circumstances, problems, and situations/

I wait with patience like early morning fishermen
You calm the seas & the wind with a word, Your servant is listenin’/
Train me to hear, You are my refrain from fear
And anxiety, give me eyes to see
Above the clouds, increase my peace, let my lack of faith cease/