A Prayer for your mind

As I’m sure you know, there is a huge battle for our minds.

The enemy seeks to lock us into negativity, and fill our minds with wrong or sinful thoughts. Our flesh constantly rages against God in our minds — if we let it.

As born again Christians, we are new creations — but our minds still need to be renewed day by day.

I’ve been praying a prayer over my mind and the minds of my family members this week, and I wanted to share it with you.

I encourage you to speak these declarations over yourself today:

Jesus, I thank You that I have a sound mind. I pray for a mind filled with life and peace.

I rebuke confusion, I rebuke Alzheimer’s, I rebuke bipolar, I rebuke schizophrenia, I rebuke mental illness of any kind, I rebuke confusion, I rebuke disease of any kind, I rebuke forgetfulness, I rebuke absent-mindedness, I rebuke small-mindedness, and I rebuke low-thinking.

I take a stand against anxiety, worry, and stress in my mind. I take a stand against every unclean and unprofitable thought that comes from the flesh. I take authority over every attack from the enemy in my mind. I take authority over every work of darkness and evil temptation in my mind, and I cast it down. I cast down every carnal thought of lust, greed, covetousness, and worldliness.

I bind every flaming dart of the evil one against my mind. I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind. Jesus, I thank You that I have a sound mind because of the work of the cross. I have the mind of Christ.

Help me meditate upon the word of God because it fills and renews my mind. Jesus, help me meditate on things that are pure, noble, true, righteous, praiseworthy, eternal, and heavenly. I speak strength and health to my physical brain. Fill my mind with God-thoughts every waking moment of the day, and fill my sleep with God-dreams. Fill my mind with light and revelation in Jesus name.


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