How to Combat Anxiety

I recently wrote this rap during a set at IHOPKC. It’s based on Philippians 4:6-7. According to these verse, thankfulness and prayer are keys to experiencing the peace of God. Would love to hear your feedback on this verse. Be blessed!

Don’t be anxious, don’t stress, don’t fret, you will get
Peace, the kind that surpasses understanding/
Guarding your hearts & your minds in Christ Jesus
He sees us, making our requests known frees us/

From the burdens, from the weights, give Him all your cares
Abide in the Vine with thanksgiving, daily say your prayers/
Cease from striving, release the negativity
Emotions fly up and down, I need some tranquility/

When I’m like a ship tossed to & fro, battered by the fray
I go to Your presence and pray, I stay abiding in Your shadow/
My flesh & my spirit battle, my life gets rattled
By many circumstances, problems, and situations/

I wait with patience like early morning fishermen
You calm the seas & the wind with a word, Your servant is listenin’/
Train me to hear, You are my refrain from fear
And anxiety, give me eyes to see
Above the clouds, increase my peace, let my lack of faith cease/

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