About Me

My name is Aaron. I have created several Bible rap albums including The Book of Philippians, Tomb Stands Empty, and Radiant.


I was born in a small town in Canada and grew up in a Christian home. My parents were missionaries so I spent time living in Asia as a kid. When I was 5 years old, my family served as missionaries in China. We were totally cut off from the Western world. There were few English-speaking people, and we didn’t have a phone or Internet access. Growing up as a “missionary kid” gave me a desire to pursue missions and ministry as a career.

At the age of 19, I felt a personal call to preaching and prayer. I completed a Bible school program in Canada, but struggled to know what my own ministry would look like or where I fit. It wasn’t until my first visit to the International House of Prayer in 2007 that my vision became clear: Leading people into greater intimacy with Jesus through prayer, rap, teaching, and practical works of ministry. Continue reading